Stihl SG 31 Handheld Sprayer
Stihl SG 31

Stihl SG 31 Handheld Sprayer

Manufacturer: Stihl

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Get the SG 31 sprayer for its power, portability and spraying precision. Everyone from homeowners and gardeners to pest control professionals can benefit from this multipurpose sprayer. Built with lightweight materials, the SG 31 can be carried around the yard, garden, or farm with relative ease. The tank carries 5 liters, placing it between the SG 11 and SG 51 in terms of volume capacity. Its translucent tank provides visibility for tracking liquid levels. Other features include a pump handle that locks in place to serve as a carrying handle, as well as a wand holder for secure transport and storage of the wand. The SG 31 sprayer comes standard with a non-adjustable hollow cone brass nozzle.

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