Stihl RB 400 Dirt Boss Homeowner Pressure Washer
Stihl RB 400 Dirt Boss

Stihl RB 400 Dirt Boss Homeowner Pressure Washer

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The STIHL RB 400 DIRT BOSS pressure washer features a powerful 196 cc (6.5 hp) engine, delivering 2,700 psi of water pressure at 2.7 gallons per minute. It’s got the power you need for heavy-duty cleaning of sidewalks, driveways, decks and more. The RB 400 DIRT BOSS is also built to last, including a brass manifold pump design, stainless steel valves and ceramic-coated pistons. There is also a cast-iron engine liner and a built-in shutdown feature when the oil level is low. Other premium features include an easy start pump system, detergent injector system, 25' no-kink flex hose and a wide range of cleaning accessories. Optional accessories include rotary surface cleaner, water broom, nozzle options, hose extensions, gutter cleaner, aluminum wand extension, pivot coupler and official STIHL cleaning agents. If your job calls for daily power washing, the DIRT BOSS handles the pressure with ease. Check it out now at our Dealership.

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