Stihl 7010-884-1157 Meshback Gloves Medium
Stihl 7010-884-1157

Stihl 7010-884-1157 Meshback Gloves Medium

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Stihl Gloves
Part Number: 7010-884-1157
PLEASE NOTE : This product can only be picked up locally. For more information please call us: (305) 223-7884 or email us: [email protected]
High-quality Medium Sized gloves that provide comfort and breathability.STIHL Meshback Gloves feature an air mesh nylon back for working comfort and breathability, and padded grain goat skin on the palms for a stylish, modern design. Ideal to help keep your hands safe while you work outdoors, these gloves also feature a brow wipe to help wick away perspiration, an adjustable wrist-strap closure to provide a secure fit, as well as neoprene knuckle padding and cuff designed to protect against abrasion and provide flexibility. See for yourself – stop by our Dealership and try them on today.

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