Stihl AR 3000 4865-400-6521 Backpack Battery
Stihl 4865-400-6521

Stihl AR 3000 4865-400-6521 Backpack Battery

Manufacturer: Stihl

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Part Number: 4865-400-6521
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Eliminate exhaust emissions, fuel and oil costs, reduce noise, and increase productivity and profitability with the most powerful battery in the STIHL line. This 36-volt, 1148 watt-hour powerhouse can power multiple tools in the battery product line, all with exceptional run times. Demanding professionals will appreciate the comfortable shoulder harness and system, as well as features like audible and visual recharge alerts, rain guard, sturdy housing and durable base plate. Recharging to 100% capacity takes only 2hrs. 40 min. when combined with the AL 500 Rapid Charger - five times faster than many other backpack batteries on the market. Reduce costs and downtime, while boosting profits with the power of STIHL on your back.

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