Stihl AR 1000 4865-400-6506 Backpack Battery
Stihl 4865-400-6506

Stihl AR 1000 4865-400-6506 Backpack Battery

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Carrying extra batteries for your large outdoor products is a thing of the past with the STIHL AR 1000 backpack battery. This backpack battery, the lightest in the STIHL line, delivers exceptional run times to professional landscapers and those with large acreage, and eliminates the cost of fuel and engine oil. Made for use with the majority of STIHL battery AP Series products, the AR 1000 delivers exceptional run times – up to 7.5 hours with the HSA 66 hedge trimmer. The backpack battery has a built-in USB port, which allows users to charge their electronic devices when the backpack battery is not in use. It’s also smart, with built-in sensors and microprocessors that monitor temperature and automatically shuts down the battery to avoid overheating. And as with all 36-volt STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries, there is no battery memory limitation, no gradual drop in power and it runs at full speed until the battery is depleted. The backpack battery is also designed with comfort in mind, including an ergonomic hip belt and chest strap that evenly distribute its weight. And in light rain, use the included removable rain cover to power through the task at hand. Finish your projects with comfort and confidence with the AR 1000 backpack battery. Visit us today and try the AR 1000 for yourself!

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