Stihl 4237-740-3301 HS87T 40
Stihl 4237-740-3301

Stihl 4237-740-3301 HS87T 40" Hedgetrimmer Leaf Rake

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Stihl 4237-740-3301 HS87T 40 inch Hedgetrimmer Leaf Rake. The STIHL HS 87 T hedge trimmer operates at increased speed for trimming larger areas with greater precision. It features a single-sided precision blade, specially designed to give sculpting professionals ultimate cutting control. In addition to its faster speed and lightweight design, it’s also fuel efficient, using 20% less fuel than previous models, reducing fuel costs and improving the bottom line. Grab the HS 87 T at our Dealership today for long-lasting quality and dependability, all backed by our technicians and support!

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