Stihl Chain Loop 36RS3 72 DL 72 Pitch 3/8 Gauge .063
Stihl 3626 005 0072

Stihl Chain Loop 36RS3 72 DL 72 Pitch 3/8 Gauge .063

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Stihl Chainsaw Chain
Part Number: 3626 005 0072
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Type/Shape: Rapid Super (Chisel) Single-Humped Drive Link

Drive Links: 72

Pitch: 0.375

Gauge: 0.063

STIHL RAPID™ Super 3 is a reduced-vibration and low-kickback version of STIHL RAPID™ Super. RS3 is an aggressive, fast-cutting, full-chisel chain but has a single-humped drive link to reduce kickback, and the cutter and tie strap design reduces vibration levels when cutting. The razor-edged, square-cornered cutter shape ensures minimum chain friction for an exceptionally smooth and clean cut in hard or frozen wood. It offers excellent cutting and plunge-cutting efficiency. RS3 chain typically cuts faster than RM chain, but requires careful sharpening and maintenance to continue to perform well.

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