Stihl Chain Loop 26RM3 91 DL 91 Pitch .325 Gauge .063
Stihl 3689 005 0091

Stihl Chain Loop 26RM3 91 DL 91 Pitch .325 Gauge .063

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Stihl Chainsaw Chain
Part Number: 3689 005 0091
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Type/Shape: Rapid Micro Single-Humped Drive Link

Drive Links: 91

Pitch: 0.325

Gauge: 0.063

STIHL RAPID™ Micro™ 3 is the low-kickback version of STIHL RAPID™ Micro™ saw chain. RM3 retains all the performance of STIHL RM chain, with the added benefit of low kickback to reduce the risk of kickback injury. It is a taller-profile chain with more mass for chainsaws with larger displacement engines. Featuring a semi-chisel type of cutter, it typically doesn’t get dull as fast as a full-chisel chain during normal use, making it easier to maintain.

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