Stihl 0797-110-9000 Chapron
Stihl 0797-110-9000

Stihl 0797-110-9000 Chapron

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Stihl Chapron
Part Number: 0797-110-9000
PLEASE NOTE : This product can only be picked up locally. For more information please call us: (305) 223-7884 or email us: [email protected]
STIHL Chaprons are made from the same tough nylon outer shell as our Protective Chaps, but without the additional layers of cut-retardant material. Designed for trimmer and brushcutter users, Chaprons offer just the right amount of protection from grass and other debris so you stay comfortable and mobile. Not for use with chainsaws.

Available color: High-Visibility Orange
Available sizes: Large

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