Stihl 0000-886-3201 32
Stihl 0000-886-3201

Stihl 0000-886-3201 32" Performance Series Apron Chaps

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Stihl Chaps
Part Number: 0000-886-3201
PLEASE NOTE : This product can only be picked up locally. For more information please call us: (305) 223-7884 or email us: [email protected]
The Performance Apron Chaps feature Avertic® Pro by Engtex®, a cut-retardant material designed to reduce the risk of severe injury in the event of contact with a rotating saw chain. They are made from water- and oil-resistant Cordura® Nylon, a tough material with exceptional abrasion resistance that provides long-lasting comfort. The Performance Apron Chaps also have interlocking leg buckles to keep them in place. In addition, these chaps feature a cargo pocket for quick storage on the left leg panel as well as a 1-1/2" interlocking waist buckle that adjusts from 30” to 42” (optional waist extender, sold separately, fits waists up to 56”).
Protective Layers: 6 Layers of Avertic® Pro by Engtex® cut-retardant material
Washable? Yes

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