Stihl 0000-886-0745 Denim Protective Pants Small

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Stihl Protective Pants
Part Number: 0000-886-0745
PLEASE NOTE : This product can only be picked up locally. For more information please call us: (305) 223-7884 or email us: [email protected]
Stihl 0000-886-0745 Denim Protective Pants Small. When you need dependable, long-lasting protective apparel, look to STIHL. Woodcutter Chainsaw Protective Pants from STIHL feature six layers of Avertic Pro by Engtex, cut-retardant material designed to clog the sprocket and stop the saw chain on a gasoline-powered chainsaw in case of accidental contact with the rotating saw chain. The outer material is made with sturdy and comfortable poly/cotton blended denim twill. All protective pants from STIHL feature elastic waistbands, belt loops as well as suspender buttons. Pockets provide storage for all your work essentials, including a cargo pocket for quick access. Our pants also feature a long leg zipper for easy boot removal.

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