Scag Industrial Skid Mount Truck Loader 29 HP Vanguard
Scag TLS20W-29BV

Scag Industrial Skid Mount Truck Loader 29 HP Vanguard

Manufacturer: Scag

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Part Number: TLS20W-29BV
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Tough jobs demand tough products and Scag Giant-Vac Industrial Skid-Mount Truck Loaders are ready to meet the challenge. Utilizing all-welded steel construction along with commercial grade quality throughout the entire line helps us maintain our time-proven reputation for rugged, durable and dependable products that are built to last and perform. Debris is sucked up quickly through the 12" beveled intake hose and is pulverized as it passes through the massive 4-blade, welded steel, high CFM, 3/8" thick impeller. The impeller and blower housing wear liners can easily be serviced through the rear access panel, without removing the engine.

The debris pickup nozzle attaches solidly and securely for transport and is mounted high enough to prevent damage when pulling into parking lots and inclines. The heavy-duty boom arm features a spring-loaded locking pin for transport and prevents the arm from moving and becoming a hazard when traveling from job site to job site. A large, ergonomic and ambidextrous padded handle provides ample leverage to position the intake nozzle exactly where you want it, with ease.

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