Scag Extreme Pro Blower 11.7 HP Honda 2824 CFM
Scag LBXP17-GX390

Scag Extreme Pro Blower 11.7 HP Honda 2824 CFM

Manufacturer: Scag

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On sale: $2,286.00 $2,149.00
Part Number: LBXP17-GX390
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The Extreme Pro blower puts out more CFM than other blowers powered by the GX390 Honda engine. This makes the Extreme Pro the blower to beat, hands down. The Extreme Pro blower utilizes all-welded steel construction along with commercial grade quality throughout the entire product. This blower is built to last and perform.

Why rake when a powerful leaf blower like this makes leaf gathering a cinch. Quickly clean leaves and debris off your yard, driveway or anything else with this ultra-powerful, industry leading blower. This is the perfect tool for the asphalt / sealing professional that needs to prepare large lots before sealing or for clearing large spaces of debris. Clean it up faster and easier with an Extreme Pro blower.

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