Exmark STE600CKA36300 Staris E-Series 36" Stand-on Kawasaki 18.5 HP

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Part Number: STE600CKA32300
PLEASE NOTE: This product can only be picked up locally. For more information please call us: (305) 223-7884 or email us: [email protected]
    • CUT QUALITY: The Staris E-Series features proven UltraCut Series 3 decks delivering Exmark's signature quality of cut.
    • COMMERCIAL-GRADE ENGINE: Kawasaki commercial-grade engines are featured on the Staris E-Series.
    • DRIVE SYSTEM: The trusted pump and wheel motor combination provides commercial durability and smooth control. The system utilizes hard hydraulic lines reducing potential leak points, improving durability and hydro-oil cooling.
    • COMPACT DESIGN: The compact size reduces trailer space and storage and gives the ability to access more yards, more quickly, while providing exceptional maneuverability on tough terrain.
    • SERVICEABILITY: The flip up front cover gives operators easy access to perform routine lawn mower maintenance and cleaning, without the need for tools. The rear cover lifts and locks into place providing easy access to check and fill both engine oil and hydro fluid.

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