Exmark ECS180CKA30000 Commercial 30" BBC Self Propelled Kawasaki

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Part Number: ECS180CKA30000
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  • PRODUCTIVITY: Reduce mowing time, increase control and manage costs with a deceptively light walk-behind mower.
  • PATENTED FRONT HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Innovative, simple and built to last, our patented front height adjustment eliminates the need for pivot-style adjusters. The single-point rear height adjustment allows the operator to quickly change the cutting height.
  • BAG CAPACITY: 2.5 bushel capacity
  • TWIN-BLADE EFFICIENCY:The Commercial 30’s timed blade system keeps the overall design compact while delivering a superior cut. It also reduces the horsepower requirement.
  • SIMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE: Its access panel makes for easy belt and blade adjustments. And less time in the shop means more time on the job.
  • HEAVYWEIGHT PERFORMANCE, LIGHTWEIGHT HANDLING: Unit weighs more than a 21”, but operator will not see additional fatigue in operation due to balance of unit and increased coverage.
  • HOLDS SIDE-HILLS: Positive drive transmission holds side-hills and helps prevent downhill “run-away”.