Exmark ARX541CKA30000 Turf Management 30" Aerator Kawasaki 15 HP

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Part Number: ARX541CKA30000
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    • PRODUCTIVITY: The key to profitability for your business. With speeds up to 7 MPH on the 30-inch model, you can aerate more than 1.8 acres per hour. With the 24-inch model at speeds up to 6.8 MPH, you can aerate nearly 1.4 acres per hour.
    • GO ANYWHERE: The 24-inch Stand-On Aerator has a total width of 35.5 inches, giving it the ability to fit through a 36-inch gate. This makes is possible to access more yards, more quickly, without fatigue typically experienced on a small walk-behind aerator.
    • INTUITIVE CONTROLS: Similar to the commercial mowers, the intuitive controls make it incredibly easy to operate with less fatigue.
    • EXCEPTIONAL CORE DEPTH: This stand-on uses adjustable hydraulic pressure to drive the tines into the ground. A massive 1,200 pounds of down-pressure can be used to pull up to five-inch plugs.
    • TRACTION AND MORE TRACTION: There’s no such thing as too much traction. That’s why our Stand-On Aerator is driven by both the wheels and the tines. It goes where you steer it. And keeps right on going.
    • ZERO-TURN AGILITY: Productivity isn’t just about top-end speed. You also need to negotiate tight spaces. Quickly. No problem; just step off the pedal to raise the tines and you’re ready to make a quick, zero-turn maneuver.
    • HYDRAULICS MINUS HOSES: Nothing kills productivity faster than downtime. So, our integrated hydraulic system uses no hoses. There are fewer leak points. And no cross-contamination of hydraulic components.
    • FREE FLOATING CENTER TINES: Allow you to turn while tines are engaged without damaging the turf.

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