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ECHO Trimmer Head Accessories Quick Guide


Fast-Loading Trimmer Heads

Our patented, revolutionary Speed-Feed® trimmer heads take the hassle out of refilling your trimmer head and are the easiest loading tap-to-advance heads available.

  • Reload trimmer line in 30 seconds or less!
  • Easy to load, no disassembling of head required when loading trimmer line
  • Rugged head for medium/heavy-duty applications
  • Advance line by tapping the bottom of the head on the ground
  • Smooth bottom enables the head to glide along the ground for an even cut

Speed-Feed® 400

  • Accepts 20' of .095" line
  • Maximum line diameter .105"
  • Comes pre-loaded with .095" Cross-Fire® line
  • Universal head also fits oher competitor models

SRM Models: Part# 99944200907*
*Universal fit model
GT Models: Part# 99944200908
Bulk Pkg of 24: Part# 99944200907B

Speed-Feed® 450

  • Accepts 25' of .095" line
  • High Capacity - maximum line diameter: .130"
  • Comes pre-loaded with .095" Cross-Fire® line

Speed-Feed® 450: Part# 99944200903


Trimmer Heads

The industry's standard for commercial landscapers with easy bump-to-advance operation and simple, durable construction.

  • Designed to fit ECHO SRM models only
  • Comes pre-loaded with 20' of .09" Cross-Fire® line

ECHOmatic® Pro™

  • Designed for more demanding tasks
  • 2-piece construction with partitioned spool reduces line tangles
  • Accepts 20' of .095" line
  • Maximum line diameter: .130"

Single Pkg: Part# 21560031
Bulk Pkg of 8: Part# 21560031B


  • Accepts 20' of .095" line
  • Maximum line diameter: .105"

Single Pkg: Part# 21560070
Bulk Pkg of 24: Part# 21560070B


Trimmer Heads

Loading line has never been quicker or easier. Simply insert the 8" pre-cut lengths into the eyelets and start trimming.

  • No winding line, no disassembly needed
  • Accepts up to .05" pre-cut Cross-Fire® line

2-Line Rapid-Loader™ Head

Perfect for smaller jobs or open areas without obstacles

Single Pkg: Part# 21560056
Bulk Pkg of 24: Part# 21560056B
*See chart for details

For non-ECHO units*:
Part# 21560059
*Includes universal mounting hardware

3-Line Rapid-Loader™ Head

50% more cutting ability for more demanding jobs

Fits certain SRM models*:
Single Pkg: Part# 99944200221
*See chart for details

Additional Trimmer Heads

High-Capacity Manual Head

  • Traditional design for rugged use
  • Accepts 40' of .095" line
  • Maximum line diameter: .130"
  • For most ECHO SRM models only

Single Pkg: Part# 21560065
Bulk Pkg of 24: Part# 21560065B

Heavy-Duty Fixed Line Head

  • Aluminum body for the most demanding conditions
  • Maximum line diameter: .155"
  • Can be loaded in 2- or 4-line configurations
  • 21" heavy-duty pre-cut line is recommended

Fixed Line Head: Part# 99944200220
For SRM-266T/2620T/280T: Part# 99944200225

Maxi-Cut™ and Pro Maxi-Cut™

  • 3 serrated-edge polymer blades for heavy grasses and weeds
  • Use when traditional trimmer line is not durable enough for dense cutting

For ECHO GT Models: Part# 215311 - Maxi-Cut
For ECHO SRM Models*: Part# 215511 - Pro Maxi-Cut
Replacement Blades (12 pk): Part# 215712

Trimmer Head Fitment Chart

Note: For mobile users, the table below scrolls horizontally so that you can view all of the data.

ModelSRM ECHOmatic® HeadSRM ECHOmatic® Pro™ HeadSRM Fixed HeadSRM Heavy-Duty Fixed HeadSpeed-Feed® 400 HeadSpeed-Feed® 450 HeadHigh-Capacity Manual Head2-Line Rapid-Loader™ Head3-Line Rapid-Loader™ HeadMaxi-Cut™ Weed Cutter GT-SeriesMaxi-Cut™ Weed Cutter
For Trimmers





















For Brushcutters






Stand. Line
Dia. / Max Dia.

Part #21560070215600319994420022099944200225SRM: 99944200907
GT: 99944200908







*Blade conversion kit is required for metal blades and maxi-cut blade.

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