Billy Goat AET60 Towable Tow Behind Aerator

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Part Number: AET60
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At up to four acres an hour, the tow behind AET60 maximizes large property aerations and configures to widths of 36", 48" or 60" with a simple flip up or down of the aerator's wings. This unit weighs 440 lbs without supplemental weights for deep, hard soil aeration. For ultimate maneuverability, the AET60 also features swiveling tine assemblies (when used with 3-point hitch). It mounts to a standard tow bar or category 1, 3-point hitch, runs up to 5 mph, and pulls behind any type of tow vehicle (20 HP or more). This unit provides a quality 6" x 7" aeration pattern up to 4" deep. Built-in manual jack lifts and lowers tines with ease. Two pneumatic wheels for transport. Note: Will accept cinder blocks or sand bags for weight.
  • Category 1, 3-Point Hitch Mounting : Tines swivel for 3-point hitch mounting.
  • 80 Hardened Steel Tines: Provides more efficient extraction of plugs. Tine wheels swivel for superior maneuverability (when used with 3-point hitch)
  • Foldable Wings: Wings raise and lower for desired aeration width, 36", 48" or 60".
  • Manual Lift: Raise and lower tines with ease.

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