Stihl 4229-007-1800 Power Equipment Maintenance Kit

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Stihl Maintenance Kit
Part Number: 4229 007 1800
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Keep you Stihl power equipment running at peak performance with Stihl 4229-007-1800 maintenance kits. Maintenance Kits include the specific air filter, fuel filter & spark plug for your Stihl equipment. Stihl recommends using only STIHL replacement parts for the repair and maintenance of your Stihl power equipment. Save time and money with theses maintenance kits which extend the life of your Stihl equipment.


  • BG55
  • BG65
  • BG85
  • SH55
  • SH85


  • 1110-400-7005 - Spark Plug
  • 4229-120-1800 - Air Filter
  • 0000-350-3502 - Fuel Filter

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